The Eastern Shore #10: Eat Real Festival

On The Eastern Shore on September 1, 2014, I talked with Ally DeArman, event manager of Oakland’s Eat Real Festival and programs manager at the Food Craft Institute. We discussed the festival’s history, what you can find there this year, where it might go in the future, and how Ally and her team are working to support the local food system in the East Bay. Scarf down the latest episode, and subscribe while you’re at it.


The Eastern Shore #8: The 1947 Partition Archive

On The Eastern Shore for Monday, August 4, my guest was Guneeta Singh Bhalla, founder and executive director of the 1947 Partition Archive. The Archive is an organization based in Berkeley that works around the world to gather the personal stories of people affected by the 1947 Partition of India and Pakistan. They’re working to gather 10,000 personal accounts by 2017, then release all of the information for use by academics, artists, museums, and anyone else who wants to learn how the Partition changed the lives of some of the millions of people affected by it. It was a good talk. You should listen.

The Eastern Shore #4 – Walking & Biking in Oakland

On The Eastern Shore this past Monday (June 9), I spoke with Jonathan Bair, board member of Walk Oakland Bike Oakland, about making Oakland a safer, easier city to get around on foot and bicycle. We also talked a little about Oakland politics, Jonathan’s history as a DJ, and his still-growing record collection.

Also, I devoted the last 15 minutes of the program to a remembrance of my uncle William Henry Winstead, who died last week.

You can read more about the program, listen, and subscribe to the feed over on my Podbean site.

The Eastern Shore #3 – The Business of Food in Oakland

On The Eastern Shore for June 2, I talked to food writer Sarah Henry and restaurateur Jay Porter about the recent restaurant boom in Oakland, what it takes to open and run a restaurant in our city in these times, and what role restaurants can or should play as centers of community and places to earn a living wage. Sarah and Jay did great (and I tried to keep up). Give it a listen and subscribe.

The Eastern Shore #2 – Surveillance and Privacy

On the May 19 episode of The Eastern Shore, I talked with Ali Winston of the East Bay Express and Cyrus Farivar of Ars Technica about the expansion of local law enforcement surveillance in Oakland the East Bay. We dug into the surveillance technologies that have already been deployed in our cities, what might be on the horizon, and what it all means for our privacy and our relationship with government. It was a great talk. Check it out.

The Eastern Shore #1 – The Oakland Wiki

If you missed the debut show of The Eastern Shore, my conversation with Marina Kukso and Gene Anderson all about the Oakland Wiki is available for download in two different versions now. You can grab the raw two-hour recording, complete with music breaks. Or you can visit the show’s Podbean page and hear the trimmed down 1:18 version: no music, a few clean-ups. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed there to have future shows delivered to your digital doorstep. iTunes syndication coming soon, for those of you who are into that.