The Eastern Shore Podcast

In addition to occasionally writing things for people, I also produce The Eastern Shore podcast. Every other week or so, I sit down with people involved in big issues, covering current events, or doing compelling creative work in Oakland and the East Bay. We talk about their work, how they came to it and what keeps them doing it, the wider contexts that wrap around that work, and whatever else strikes our fancy. The show lives at and also airs on on Monday afternoons from 2:00 – 3:00. You can subscribe to the feed using your feed consumption mechanism of choice, or subscribe in iTunes or Stitcher.

#042 – Twilight Greenaway of Civil Eats on Big Stories in Food Politics

#041 – Religion Writer Kaya Oakes on the Rise of the Religious “Nones”

#040 – Comedian W. Kamau Bell on Parenting, Race, and Making Jokes on TV & Radio

#039 – Author Ishmael Reed on Writing, Fighting, Muhammad Ali, and a Changing Oakland

#038 – Rachel Swan, Oakland reporter for the SF Chronicle

#037 – Eliot Peper, author of the Uncommon Stock trilogy

#036 – C.J. Hirschfield, Executive Director of Chidlren’s Fairyland

#035 – Robert Ropert on his new book, Nabokov in America

#034 – Keba Konte on Inclusion & Equity in Specialty Coffee

#033 – Kristine Vejar on Textiles, Dyeing, and the Politics of Fabric

#032 – Kira Brunner Don & Timothy Don: The Oakland Book Festival

#031 – Doctor Popular on Truckr, Art, Tech, and Money

#030 -Sarah Rich on re:form, Medium(.com), and Paying for Media

#029 – Mark Armstrong of Longreads

#028 – Dave Campbell: The Future of Biking in the East Bay

#027 – Karen Cusolito: Industrial Arts in West Oakland

#026 – Gensler’s Doug Wittnebel: Architecture in a Changing City

#025 – Maysoun Wazwaz and Kate Rhodes: Congratulations Pine Tree!

#024 – Rue Mapp: Outdoor Afro and the Culture of Nature

#023 – Alexis Madrigal: Fusion, Future Tech, and How Kids are Like Robots

#022 – The History of My House, Mapmaking, and Reflections on the Future

#021 – John Birdsall: Good Food and Good Food Writing

#020 – Lisa Drostova: Making Space for Theater and Oakland’s Flight Deck

#019 – Thomas Rogers and the Grab Bag o’ Fun

#018 – Charlie Hallowell: Cooking, Eating, and Teaching

#017 – Richard Raya: Change in Climates, Lives, and Plans

#016 – Laura L.: Activism, Gentrification, and a Life Worth Living

#015 – Leah Reich: Writing, Reading, Accepting the Scary Feelings

#014 – Jim O’Brien: Violence and its Aftermath in Oakland

#013 – Chinwe Okona and Spenser Cooper: Oaklandish

#012 – Sue Mark: Local History & Public Art

#011 – Jay Porter: Restaurants, Minimum Wage & Tipping, and Good Cities

#010 – Ally DeArman: The Eat Real Festival

#009 – Mona Shah: Oakland Museum of California

#008 – Guneeta Singh Bhalla: The 1947 Partition Archive

#007 – John Hansen: The Future of Baseball in Oakland

#006 – Esperanza Pallana: Urban Agriculture & Food Policy

#005 – Joël Ramos and Jim Cunradi: East Bay Bus Rapid Transit

#004 – Jonathan Bair: Walking & Biking in Oakland

#003 – Sarah Henry and Jay Porter: The Business of Food in Oakland

#002 – Cyrus Farivar and Ali Winston: Surveillance, Security, and Privacy

#001 – Marina Kukso and Gene Anderson: The Oakland Wiki


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