House History Project

In early 2014, I started researching the history of my house in Oakland, California. I had a few big reasons for starting this project, but the most direct goal was this: I wanted to find out as much as I could about who had lived in this house and on this land before I got here. I started with the Native American people who lived here and worked my way up to the present day. I wrote about what I found in a series of posts on this blog, each linked below.

These blog posts led to an essay published in the Winter 2015 issue of the UC Press journal Boom, and subsequently featured on Slate.

Part 1: Native Americans to 1848

Part 2: Gold Rush to 1858

Part 3: 1859 to 1877

Part 4: 1877 to 1899

Part 5: 1899 to 1930

Part 6 (on indefinite hold): 1930 to 1970


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