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Creating Effective Landing Pages

The purpose of is to convince the user to take a particular step. If most of your visitors aren’t taking the actions you intended them to do Your landing pages aren’t working. It is recommended that you create multiple landing pages and figure out which one converts better. When you are aware of what is working, you are able to eliminate the other landing pages, but to determine which one is the winner you must conduct several tests, or one that has multiple hyperlinks.

Begin by thinking about your site’s visitors. Who is likely to visit your website? If you are selling ladies’ shoes, you could reasonably suppose that women between the age of 18 to 70 are browsing your site. So, your website and the sales material will be targeted towards women of any age group older than 18 years old. If you’re making toys specifically for babies, you could easily think that parents – typically women aged between the ages 20-30 will be your ideal customer.

Finding out the audience your promotional materials are intended for and creating landing pages that match your promotional materials will be the initial step towards success. You could even create promotional materials and landing pages to cater to different types of people. For example although the majority of people buying the toys that toddlers need are girls however, males also purchase toy for their toddler. An online landing page that is appealing to a woman won’t attract a man. The advertisement that brings visitors to your landing page first should also be appropriate to the audience you’re trying to reach.

Remove anything from the page that doesn’t involve the visitor taking the step you would like them to undertake. Graphics are attractive but make sure that they are at a minimum and in a low-key manner. Eliminate hyperlinks to other sites. Eliminate navigation links, if you can. Include everything the user needs on the same page.

Remove the visitor’s possibilities. Concentrate on only one thing – convincing the visitor to take the step you would like them to decide to take. Don’t allow them to browse through your site. Avoid confusing your visitors by selling more than one item for sale , or making your visitors perform more than one task on your page. If you remain clear and stay on the right track, and keep your page centered then the odds are likely that your visitors will be focused too.

The only externally bound links in your landing pages must be links for an online order form. Any other links can and be placed directly to the landing page. If you require your visitors to complete an application, place it on the page that they are on. If you’d like them read the information, place this on the page. If you wish customers to purchase make sure you place the sales text at the top of the page with a link to a secure order form at the bottom as well as throughout the sales message.

Make your sales material easily scannable using bold colors and words that pop – but do not go too far and make your customers feel uncomfortable or blind. Highlights are a great way to draw viewers’ attention to the most important details. Place the most important information at the fold. Do not force them to scroll to get it. Have it on the top of the page so that they can easily see it once the page starts loading.

Making effective landing pages takes some effort, but after you’re finished, you’ll be amazed at how easy the landing page is and how well it accomplishes what you’re expecting it to accomplish!

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