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Advice for remotehub Sites Bidders- Aka Freelancers

Have you discovered the wonders of freelancing websites? Are you attracted to the incredible figures that top coders made in the last year? Are you confident that you can achieve this? Take some time to think twice before you make a decision.

You’ve decided to work for yourself as a remotehub  You want to work for yourself? Great! There are many chances to fail.

Now, I have your attention?

You’ll say, “He doesn’t know what he is saying.” You are right. I don’t need to know. Statistics are what I believe in. Statisticians are very harsh on this subject:

Rent a Coder – The Mecca of Freelancing. This is my favorite Freelancing website. There are more than 210.000 coders. Only 8000-9000 have secured more than 1-2 jobs in their “career”, while only 27000 have held at least one job.

So, 14% of these people did something. Only 33% can say that they are on the path to becoming a freelancer. There are more than 3000 people who do very well and at least 500 who are doing really, really, really well.

What does this mean? Most freelancing efforts fail.

What is the reason for this? It is difficult to say. Each case is unique. However, I will still try to highlight common errors and help you increase your success rate.

First Steps

You are most likely a fan when you sign up for a Freelancer website. Then you will be looking for the fastest way to make money. Let me burst your bubble. There is no fast lane. Only hard work and quality work can bring you success and wealth.

One of the biggest mistakes is to begin bidding on large or expensive jobs. Don’t do this as a rookie. There are no credentials to recommend you, no experience working with buyers, and you lack communication skills. Start small, with 5-10 jobs. Each job would take 2-3 hours. You should not be paying more than 10-25 dollars for a job. A rational mind wouldn’t risk taking on bigger jobs if you don’t have the right background. Do not underbid for quality projects. Don’t try to get jobs for which people are willing to pay 100-200$. Instead, offer dumping prices such as “I’ll do this for 20$”. This would make you look stupid, unrealistic, or just plain desperate. These types of guys are not the type of man I would trust as a buyer.

Lack of communication with the buyer is my biggest concern when bidding. Do not post a bid without an explanation text, even if you are just starting to bid. Don’t post bids such as “100$ – It is possible”, “150$ I am the best”, or “100$ you can start immediately”. This shows lack of interest or laziness. Who wants to work alongside a lazy man or a moron?

Your first bid should be a positive impression. Explain why you believe you are capable of this job. Give examples of your previous work. You should show the buyer that your knowledge is extensive.

It is best to start with some intelligent questions before you make a bid. It is important to ask questions that are logical and not moronic. Ask for as many details as possible, not all of them but some. This shows that you are interested in the topic and have a common interest.

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