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A basic guide to Judi Bolastrategy

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There are two types of people working in this industry: those who don’t use any kind of sports Judi Bola strategy and those who do and who make their money because of it.

This article will focus on two of the most popular strategies for betting on sports: ‘Money Management, Bankroll Management’ or ‘Bet Sober and Do Not Go on Tilt’.

Sports Betting Strategy #1: Money Management/Bankroll Management

Your “bankroll” is a set amount of money that you are able to invest. As with all types of investing, you should not bet on anything you cannot afford to lose.

You should set a budget for each week, month or season. Never spend more than what you have budgeted. The best way to manage your bankroll is to make only 2% to 5% bets. If your season budget was $2000, you would only need to wager $40-100 on each of the games you chose.

It is important not to try and’make up’ for your losses by betting more money on a particular game. Although it may seem common to wager more to win, this mindset can lead to even greater losses. This is the correct way to go. Start with your bankroll and gradually increase it over the course of the season. You should not bet on an individual game, but a series of games.

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