Some New Podcasts

People keep coming in and talking to me and letting me ask all kinds of sometimes personal questions and it is crazy, but here they are, the latest episodes of The Eastern Shore.

TES #24 – Rue Mapp, founder and head of Outdoor Afro, on her work to reconnect African Americans to outdoor experiences and to change cultural perceptions about those connections.

TES #25 – Maysoun Wazwaz and Kate Rhoades, producers of the Bay Area’s #1 Art and Culture podcast, Congratulations Pine Tree.


One thought on “Some New Podcasts

  1. Re There goes the neighborhood – what a fantastic article. Even more so to me, a descendent of a Spanish Land Grantee & resident of Oakland since 1940, who grew up in an 1895 house on 32nd Street, and spent the past 37 years selling real estate in Oakland. I just sold a 1,000 sq. ft. house on 43rd St. for $710K. Would love to get a copy of this to send to clients. You did a great job on this and I treasure it. Would you share the address of your house?

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