The Eastern Shore in January

I had another set of great conversations over the past month. Here’s what you might’ve missed on The Eastern Shore in January (and early February).

TES #20 – Actor, writer, director Lisa Drostova on Oakland’s news multi-ensemble theater space The Flight Deck, plus what it’s like to be a working (theater) artist in the Bay Area right now.

TES #21 – James Beard Award-winning writer John Birdsall on good food, good food writing, and what he likes in Oakland right now.

TES #22 – I read my Boom essay on the history of my house & Oakland, and I talk to Burrito Justice about the maps he made to accompany that essay online.

TES #23 – Alexis Madrigal on the work he’s doing at Fusion, finding the future of technology & social change, and the technological world his 18-month-old son is growing up in.


2 thoughts on “The Eastern Shore in January

  1. I read your article about the purchase of your home and the history of the neighborhood. I rent in Oakland with little hope of ever buying a house, even though I’m an engineer and fully employed. I’m dismayed to hear myself referred to as a gentrifier if I show up in neighborhoods where my grandmother’s family built homes, ran businesses, etc. beginning in the early 1900’s. This is a very tricky and emotional subject for everyone, including people like me, the granddaughter of blue collar working people of Irish descent.

    • Thanks for reading (and being in touch), Sally. History makes labels complicated — which is one of the reasons that I never used the word “gentrifier” in the 4800 words I wrote about this. Its inclusion in the subhed of the Slate version was … well, it wasn’t me.

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