Houses, History, Impermanence

You know Blake’s instruction to the struggling real estate salesmen in Glengarry Glen Ross: A B WATHOH – Always Be Writing About the History of Houses. I live by that easy-to-remember credo.

The design-focused Medium collection re:form, edited by Sarah Rich right here in Oakland, California, gave me some space to write about a little obsession of mine: houses that were once twins or triplets but have diverged in the time since their construction. There are a bunch of those around here, though the development pattern that produced them is by no means unique to Oakland. Our house is a twin, and I look for them everywhere I go. If I did it right, maybe someone who reads this will catch my obsession, and we can trip on the sidewalk because we’re too busy staring at buildings … together.


One thought on “Houses, History, Impermanence

  1. ME TOO! There are so many in SF, and I’ve always wondered why. Was there some sort of tax break or other advantage that made it easier to develop 2 or 3 houses at a time? It’s curious.

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