The Eastern Shore #13 and #14

Two more recent shows to mention here on the ol’ blog. For TES #13, I spoke to Chinwe Okona and Spenser Cooper from Oaklandish, Oakland’s homegrown retailer of apparel and civic pride. We talked about how the company got to where it is now, how it’s growing beyond Oakland via There There, and how they work to live up to local values while fostering local pride and identity. Also discussed: how I am bad at marketing, where to sit when working at a computer, and whether XXXXM is a size.

And on TES #14, I had a great conversation with Jim O’Brien. Jim’s an Oakland-based writer who maintains a blog called Ice City Almanac. For the past four years, he’s written there and occasionally in San Francisco Magazine about violence and its civic & personal aftermath in Oakland. He’s reporting deeply & sensitively on a difficult topic and telling important stories.  We talked about the violence prevention community he’s reported on, why he started this work, and his thoughts on the intersection of violent crime and city politics.

You might also notice that the podcast now has a new URL of its very own: You can update your feeds if you like, but the old URLs should all keep working just fine.


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