The Eastern Shore, Coming to Your Ears May 12

Prepare your ears. I’m starting an Internet radio show/podcast.

On Monday, May 12, I’ll be launching “The Eastern Shore” on, an online radio station based in San Francisco. The topic of the show will be, broadly speaking, what’s happening in Oakland and the East Bay. I’ll have guests on to talk about current events, big issues facing the area and how people are tackling them, and cool stuff that’s going on (according to my definition of “cool stuff”) in and around Oakland.

We’ll talk for a while; I’ll play some music; we’ll talk some more. And so on. 1 Before you know it, two hours will have passed, and you won’t remember where you are, or who you are, or what you’re doing holding that tractor headlight assembly.

The show will stream live at from 2:00 to 4:00 (Pacific) every Monday afternoon. It’ll be available for download immediately thereafter. You know, like a podcast. But if you listen live, I’ll like you more.

Next week, I’ll have more to share about the specific topic & guests for the first show. For now, mark it on your calendars: Mondays from 2:00 to 4:00, starting May 12. Listen to me learn how to do radio … in real time! It promises to be, at a bare minimum, an aural curiosity.

  1. If you heard my guest appearance a few weeks ago on Burrito Justice Radio, then you’ll recognize the format. It’ll be a lot like that. 

3 thoughts on “The Eastern Shore, Coming to Your Ears May 12

    • No ability to do that. I may be checking Twitter in the music breaks, but that’s as close as I could come, or would want to.

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