Important Uses for Knots at Camp

In case any of you kids were wondering what to do with those knot skills you practiced so hard to learn.

Important Uses for Knots at Camp

Stringing a simple clothesline

Securing a canoe to the dock

Securing a bunkmate to underside of his bunk until he has learned

Fashioning a decorative handle for the dinner bell

Keeping the one-handed wolverine fight fair

Blindfolding a playmate

Blindfolding a captured enemy hostage

Keeping your hostages still and quiet

Obtaining dominion over your former captors in a glorious reversal of fortune

Rigging a makeshift shelter between two trees

Lashing the sacrifice to the altar no matter how much he squirms

Suspending food out of reach of animals

Suspending food out of reach of rivals

Suspending rivals out of reach of food but within reach of animals

Mending a bootlace

Holding inside that which must never come out

Making it look like a suicide

Crafting friendship bracelets


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