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Massive Free Backlinks For Your Site – How to Get Them

Does it exist a thing called massive backlinks for free?

Making the first page of Google is essential to more targeted , high-quality traffic, which will result into more sales for lower cost.

One of the best methods to ensure a good Google ranking is to get the most amount of Private Blog Network Links for your site. Certain backlinks are available at no cost, while others, will require a fee.

However, to have links (free and paid for) to make an impact on your Google rank, you have to connect a significant amount from them towards your site and acquiring them either by either paying for them or through links exchanges can result in you being in debt or with a plethora of uninteresting links on your website. Therefore, the most effective way to get massive one-way backlinks to your site is to acquire a large amount of backlinks for free. Where do you locate those free backlinks?

Simple: via article or directory submission. By submitting your website’s content and URL to a huge range of directories you’ll gain massive backlinks to your site for absolutely no cost!

A high number of backlinks for free will result in a better Google rank, but it also means an abundance of directories you can submit to. If you do this manually, it will give you plenty of free backlinks, however at an expense that’s unimaginable of hours (at 10 minutes for each submission, and 1500 submissions are a good number, so calculate the numbers).

In order to gain a significant number of backlinks for free, you can choose between two strategies:

You can also use the paid article and directory submission services that charge you a fee each submission. This is a great deal for a backlink!

The issue is that this cost will be recurring once you launch the next campaign, as you must generate backlinks to all your websites and blogs therefore, if you’re seeking free backlinks, this isn’t the most effective option.

I’ve tested a number of specialist services, such as Isnare (for article content) and director increaser (for directories) as well as directories. Getting free backlinks from these is fantastic since you perform nothing, however they can be expensive and have a limited capacity. Furthermore, you will not be in complete control of the backlinks that you’re receiving.

To obtain backlinks that are truly free, you have to submit the requests by yourself, but not the old-fashioned manner.

This brings us to the next option, which is the best way , in my opinion, to gain massive backlinks for free with the control of when and how submissions are created: do yourself by using an automated article submission and directories submission program.

The softwares designed for this purpose automate the submission of your content as well as your URL’s to over 2000 directories in under 2 hours. You can get backlinks for free in huge numbers for your blogs and sites Free backlinks that you can control and monitor.

Naturally, getting backlinks for free with these programs will require an investment, however it’s a one-time expense as opposed to the ongoing costs associated with paying submissions. In contrast once you’ve installed the software you are able to create unlimited submissions, that is, you can get unlimited backlinks forever for all your projects and campaigns.

In addition the softwares will also give you instant and free backlinks to over 400 directory sites and article directories for free, as it is possible to download them and install the standard versions of these softwares for at no cost. This means that you will obtain more than 400 free backlinks, without spending a cent.

It is true that there is a thing as massive backlinks for free and you only require the right tools find these.


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